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Greece Gets Its First Integrated Casino Resort





The first integrated casino resort named Inspire Athens is all set to launch a new phase of economic prosperity and growth in Greece. 

For developing this first Integrated Resort and Casino in Greece, the Hellenic Gaming Commission has chosen Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment. The selected company is the master developer of many entertainment resorts across the world. The winning bid proposed by the partnership of Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment along with GEK TERNA has proposed a modern development plan with the name of INSPIRE Athens. This space is set to include a convention center, luxury hotel, shopping zone, dining area, premium entertainment venues, and a casino along with a mix of highly entertaining activities. 

This landmark venue is all set to attract tourists from all over the world. This influx of visitors will significantly contribute to the companies involved in the making of the project which will redefine the currently perceived notion of modern Greece. 

The President and CEO of Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment Mario Kontomerkos said that they are extremely honoured to be chosen from the group of talented companies by the Hellenic Gaming Commission for the construction of this integrated resort and casino. He added that the Inspire Athens property will further boost the stand of Athens as the most attractive and iconic destination in Europe. Kontomerkos said that his company recognises the importance of this property for the transformation of Greece. This is why they are looking forward to leading the charge for creating this development project. 

Through this project, the economic side of Greece will see a huge rise as more than 7000 job opportunities will be created for the locals. The Hellinikon Project will probably contribute millions of euros to the government in the form of taxes. These taxes will ultimately reach the people of the country in the form of facilities offered by the government. 

Besides, the project is all set to increase tourism in the country by approximately 10 percent. This will contribute to the resolve of the companies involved in terms of improving their facilities for the guests. 



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