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An Inquiry Hears Money Laundering Allegation On B.C. Casino 





The investigators had been raising suspicions of money laundering with the seniors of the gaming regulator of B.C. many years before 2015 when a shocking report showed suspicious transactions worth millions of dollars at a specific casino. This incident led to a crime unit of a provincial casino. 

On Monday, details regarding the Richmond’s River Rock Casino were heard at the inquiry of the government into the money laundering allegations in B.C. The former employee of the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch Ken Ackles testified for this inquiry. 

Ackles said that since the time a special joint team was created against illegal gaming in 2016, they have received no proof of money laundering. 

Ackles now supervises and operates the investigations done by the joint team. He told that since 2013 they have observed large cash transactions taking place every day at the casino which made them believe of the money laundering problem. 

Ackles has the experience of working as an RCMP officer. Based on the experience, he said as soon as the high rollers come into the casino with bundles of notes, they would wrap the notes in elastics and carry them in large sacks. These amounts could be anywhere from $200k to $300k. He added that he thinks that this money was obtained from drug trafficking. 

Ackles added that the efforts didn’t bear any fruits until he finally submitted a spreadsheet in which the details of about $20 million in cash transactions were compiled. This amount was for the month f July 2015 only and it included $14.8 million in the form of $20 bills. This was the time when the provincial government finally realized the big threat of money laundering. 

Ackles acknowledged that their team couldn’t find any legal findings that prove the money laundering allegations. 



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