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Anti-smoking Coalitions Gain Momentum To Ban Tobacco In Casino




In an attempt to convince the lawmakers, anti-smoking mergers in the United States are leveraging the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. They want the legislators to ban the consumption of tobacco inside the casinos of the country.
A letter was submitted by the ANR (Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights) to the Governor of Nevada Steve Sisolak this week where the organization asked him to restrict smoking on the casino floors.
The CEO and President of ANR Cynthia Hallet said that their organization requests him to adopt a policy under which every casino in Nevada is asked to keep their indoors smoke-free. Instead of closing the properties conducting gaming in the state, this policy would be a better alternative.
Hallet said that during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is impossible to imagine the casinos in Nevada permitting guests to smoke on the floors. While many people are seeking permission to remove the mask for blowing smoke, it is unsafe to permit that as the droplets of the smoke could be carrying a disease that is potentially life-threatening inside the casino’s indoor air. Due to this, the health of guests and employees is equally threatened. Such activities will never be approved by any credible health officer.
Many states have permitted the reopening of commercial casinos without the facility of indoor smoking. At this time, there are plenty of rumors around the country where people believe that the Nevada governor Sisolak is ready to announce new restrictions for Covid-19. This is because the state created one-day records twice in the current week by covering more than 2000 new cases of coronavirus.


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