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Black Hawk Welcomes Las Vegas-Style Gaming




After the voters of Colorado approved the 77th Amendment in November 2020, the city of Black Hawk is very excited to welcome gaming of the Las-Vegas style by this spring.
Amendment 77 gives voters the power to participate in the laws of the 3 gambling towns of the state – Cripple Creek, Black Hawk, and Central City. With its help, the voters could increase the maximum limits for betting against the already existing cap of $100 set according to the constitutionally decided laws of the state. Keeping in mind the list of games approved by the state Control Commission, the voters can speak about the approval of new games in their casinos.
The following procedures were immediately processed and implemented by the City Council of Black Hawk after the voting concluded on December 1, 2020. This voting was conducted to allow casinos in the Black Hawk City to offer games like pai gow poker, baccarat, and Keno in addition to other similar games. Also, the voters voted in favor or against unlimited single-bets. The ballot language of Amendment 77 says that the changes will be taking place in the city as prescribed.
A news release published on Friday said that the Coloradans will have the freedom and comfort of playing Las Vegas-style games right in their city. Instead of taking planes to Vegas, they will get to play the required games without going away from their work and family.
Now, Colorado has come at par with the other states where gambling is legal. According to Jessica Feil from the American Gaming Association (AGA), the wagering limits were only existent in Colorado and South Dakota, before the voting actually took place.
As of now the elected officials and managers of casinos in the city are wondering about the impact of unlimited wagering on the casinos and the economy of the state.



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