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Businessman Sues Park Lane Club After Winning $1.98 million 





A businessman gambled for $35.5 million at a London casino. He is now suing the casino for $320,800 after gambling in the casino for five days. 

Juste Puharic who is from Croatia won more than $1.98 million at Park Lane Club which is situated in Mayfair. He gambled straight for five days by betting an exorbitant amount in every game he played. 

However, Puharic now says that he played the games in the casino only because he was promised that the casino will be paying a commission of 0.9 per cent on the stakes. This is why he agreed to bet the vast amount of cash in roulette games. To get the amount as promised, he has now sued the casino for the commission amount. 

Puharic said that contractually, he is entitled to receive $320,800 as his commission for betting at the roulette table. This amount is calculated from the amount wagered by him that was $35,649,000 and the amount he won that was $1,931,600. 

The company which is the owner of the club said that they don’t owe any amount to Puharic concerning the gambling performed by him from May 26, 2020, to May 30, 2015. 

While speaking on behalf of his client Puharic, lawyer Christopher Bamford asserted that his client regularly visited the Mayfair casinos since 2002. Bamford said that the Park Lane Club considered his client as an important player who they wanted to attract towards gambling at the club. 

Puharic claimed that a representative of the casino enticed him towards gambling by offering 0.9% commission on the stakes while including the other winning or losing cashback offers that the other casinos had offered him. 



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