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Cambodian Council of Ministers Approved 2 Draft Laws Relating To Commercial Gambling and Casino Industry





In the view of strengthening national security and international relations, the Cambodian Council of Ministers has approved two draft laws that relate to the operations of casinos and commercial gambling in the country. 

A recently issued press release from Cambodia’s Council of Ministers said that the law relating to the use, handling, and management of state property has been approved along with the law on the commercial management of gambling. 

The cabinet believes that the first bill will be consequently approved as a law because it establishes the operational protocols within the state properties. The law is expected to corroborate institutional structures and legal frameworks while improving the institution’s capacity to handle the property of the state. 

The press release said that the bill creates effectiveness, efficiency, accountability, and transparency in the operations of state properties following the programs of public financial management reforms. 

The laws of managing state properties are defined according to the different types of properties. The bill considers the ownership transfers, inspection and auditing, inventory lists, conservation and development, and a penalty for breaches. 

The draft of the commercial gambling law emphasizes an integrated gambling system through which economic growth, job creation, revenue generation, and tourism promotion opportunities are created. It demands stricter management of the casino industry so that the money can be protected from financing terrorism and money laundering. 

In the press release, the Council of Ministers also explained how the casino industry had helped the tourism industry, created jobs, and helped in the border area development. 

Phay Siphan, the spokesperson of the government said that the Ministry of Economy and Finance had started formulating the state property bill since 2014. The goal of this bill is to improve the quality of the country’s environment, economy, and culture. 

Siphan added that the efficient implementation of this law will tightly hold the operations of the casino industry and other commercial gambling activities in the country. In addition to the benefits it will provide for the Cambodian people, it will also address the concerns of national security and maintain the social order. 




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