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Casino Employees Protest In Peru





Employees of casinos in Peru have struggled for a long time now. The COVID-19 pandemic had forced the casinos across the country to shut their doors, but even today, there is no solution for their strategic reopening. The casino employees are demanding from the government to work out a plan for getting them back to their jobs safely.
The frustration of the casino employees is evident after 8-months of unemployment. They say that many other countries have figured out a way to get the troubled casino employees back to their job, but the Peru government still has no plans for them. As their shouting voices slowly lose momentum, these casino employees have planned that their rallies from the Congress of the country would be the best way to ensure that their loud voices are heard.
Peru’s local news channels reported that the streets of the country were filled with 50,000 and more workers who were protesting against the currently implemented shutdown. These protests were going on in different parts of the country. Peru is still ignorant of the possibility of reopening the casinos, even when many countries have already reopened their gaming and casino industry by sending out the required guidelines for reopening.
The National Chamber of Tourism of Peru had sent written correspondence to Manuel Merino, then-president of Peru. In the letter, they asked for the reopening of the casino industry after citing the necessary health measures and protocols. These measures will be provided by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism. Merino did not respond to the letters. As his ignorance of the needs of the people increased, he resigned from his office.


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