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Casinos Are Promoted In The New Budget Plan By Illinois Lawmakers




The lawmakers of Illinois on the early hours of Sunday approved a state budget of around $40 billion. In this budget, the spending is largely maintained in addition to a plan for promoting casinos in Chicago for the exceptionally special session which will be organized during the Covid-19 pandemic.
This budget relies heavily on federal funds. The funding from the ongoing budget is mostly maintained with an exception of the health facilities that were financially affected by the ongoing pandemic.
The vote of the house was 68-44. These votes were largely counted to be along the lines of the party. To express their disappointment against the small hike in spending during COVID-19, many of the Senate Republicans also voted against the said plan. The votes in the Senate were 37-19.
During the session, extraordinary measures were taken for the safety of the members. The House was moved a couple of blocks and more to a convention center, from a chamber in the Capitol. This was done to ensure proper spacing between the lawmakers. Wearing masks and getting temperature checked was mandatory for everyone.
Between the unprecedented pandemic that closed businesses around the world and the resuming of every operation that prompted millions of people to come out of their home, the state lawmakers believe in the availability of less than $37 billion in revenue. This is why the lawmakers are hoping for financial relief from the federal government.
The new spending plan was designed by including approximately $5 billion in loans from a program by the Federal Reserve that was created for helping during the pandemic.


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