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Circa Plans To Launch The First Adult Casino In Las Vegas By Halloween





Circa Resort and Casino is all set to launch its 35-storey Resort and Casino with the largest pool amphitheater in the US by Halloween.  

Two months before its scheduled date, the Circa Resort and Casino is all set to open in the time for Halloween. But to enter this new casino, you will have to leave your kids back at home. 

The first of its kind in Las Vegas, Circa will only permit visitors above 21 years of age. As per a recent statement from the resort, in addition to the abundance of luxuries, the casino will pay homage to the history of Las Vegas Casinos with its vintage glamorous design and the “old-school” hospitality. The most iconic neon sign ‘Vegas Vickie’ will find a home in the lobby of the resort as a special tribute. 

Starting on the eighth floor, the casino will feature 777 rooms and suites in the 35-storey resort and casino. Every room will be designed in a minimalist yet vintage fashion with a plethora of room options like suites, bunk-bed rooms, and standard rooms. Some of these even have their wet bar and dining tables in the room. While the comfort of the guests is arranged in rooms, the resort has much more to offer. 

Circa’s sportsbook (a place where people can wager on sports) will hold a maximum of 1,000 people in the 71-degree designed tower. It also features a three-storey stadium and a 78-million-pixel high-definition screen which would help in increasing visibility on multiple floors. There will be 49 game tables and 1,350 slot machines in the two storey casino and the resort will be home to the largest pool amphitheater in the United States. The uniquely tapered rooms and the towers are designed by Steelman Partners and Alice O’Keefe Circa’s Director of Design and Architecture.



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