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Germany’s new regulation will boost unlicensed casinos




This is the time for all of you interested in gambling to know more about the new regulations of Germany that are happening now. The new regulations will establish some rules to be followed while you play at licensed casinos in Germany. With these regulations a new market will surface; market for casino without a german license or casino ohne deutsche lizenz (source) as they say it in German. And if we look at countries that have imposed similar regulations, this market will boost because of the regulations. In this article we will give you the reasons why this scenario is possible for Germany.

The new casino regulation

Online gambling control in Germany has long been a controversial topic. However, Germany’s 16 states have finally come to an agreement on how to regulate the gambling industry in the country. The rules will be overseen by a government body similar to the UK Gambling Commission, which will also grant new operating licences to German-facing casinos.

The proposed online gambling rules, which are expected to take effect in July 2021, are generally regarded as a compromise between those who want online gambling outright banned and those who advocate for a more liberal approach to online gambling.

The ban on online slot games and online poker will be lifted under the German Interstate Treaty on Gambling (ISTG 2021), which is a much-anticipated and welcome change to the existing gaming laws. Operators of online casinos would be eligible to apply for a licence allowing them to sell online sports betting, poker, and slot machines. Despite the fact that operators would be permitted to sell all three types of online gambling under one name, each must have its own distinct region with no cross-over. To put it another way, an online poker player, for example, can access games on a webpage devoted to online poker, with no clear references to the site’s other types of online gambling.

The new casino regulation of Germany comes with its own restrictions and rules. Players will be limited to a maximum bet of €1 per spin and must wait for at least 5 seconds between each spin, which is one such restriction.

The effects the new regulations will have

The paragraph above might have put your ambitious mood into a bit of damp, but there is nothing to moop about. The new regulations will change the face of gambling for Germany, and it can be said with certainty because it did so in Sweden. From what we have analyzed after the new regulations were implemented in Sweden, Germany will have a huge rise of unlicensed casinos and the market of the same will soar up. The sole reason behind this is the restrictions that regulations put on licensed casinos like deposit limit and fewer bonuses and no free spins. There will be definite modernization in the digital presence of Germany. The only fear is to lose a huge customer base of licensed casinos to unlicensed casinos.

What is a casino without a german license?

An online casino without a german gambling license might not sound like a very secure and safe place to gamble, but it is not what it sounds like. Such online casinos have a license from elsewhere like Curacao or MGA. These online casinos without a German license are legit and can be super fun to play. Though you should also make sure they have a license, if not from Germany, then from MGA or Curacao to be safe.

The dangers with unlicensed casinos

Like every other thing available to the common man, an online casino without a license also has some cons. They are mentioned below.

  • Verification is time taking
  • No lock file
  • Bank transfers are not so famous

Verification is time taking

You can operate in a standardised framework if you have a German licence. It’s a lot easier to double-check your deposits and identities this way. It’s a little more complicated in casinos that don’t have a German licence. The KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure ensures your protection as well, although it takes a little longer. Thankfully, you will just have to go through this procedure once. Then you’ve successfully checked your identity.

No lock file

In essence, the absence of a central lock file is viewed as a benefit. However, it depends on who you ask: there is no unrestricted central control of online casinos. So, if you’re no longer able to play in one casino because you’ve been barred, you can simply move to another. Certain processes exist, but they can all be easily bypassed in the end.

Bank transfers are not so famous

You usually have a broad number of payment methods in a casino that does not have a German licence. However, if you place a high value on bank transfers, you will most likely have to forego them in international online casinos. You do, however, have a variety of other choices, including e-wallets, credit cards, Paysafecard, and cryptocurrencies.


Gamblers have the whole world to conquer as the new regulations restrict their freedom at licensed casinos but unlicensed casinos welcome these gamblers with open arms. While you will get the most classy gambling feels ever, be careful and choose the online casino after proper analysis.

We are here for all your queries and tips about unlicensed casinos in Germany.


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