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Hard Rock Plans To Start Its Operations In Cincinnati By 2021




In September 2019, Hard Rock International had signed its final agreement to buy the JACK casino in Cincinnati. This place is the main attraction of the downtown of Ohio City, and it still carries the logo of its old company. 

In an interview last week, the President of Hard Rock Cincinnati Casino said that there is a probability of the iconic guitar logo coming very soon in the home of Bootsy Collins the funk master. 

But as the world knows and has seen, even this plan of the company was ruined by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The President of the company said that in the current scenario, their company is working without an official brand. They don’t have the foot traffic of more than 70,000 people in their casino which used to be the norm in the downtown during the pre-COVID time. Still, the President is affirmative that his company will introduce Hard Rock once again in the coming year after the pandemic is long gone. 

The closure of the casino during the spring could have been the ideal time to change the interiors of the space according to the brand image of Hard Rock casinos. But the President said that the contractors of Hard Rock were also unable to work during that period because of the statewide lockdown. 

Goldhoff also said that the determination of the right location for resources was also a big question in front of their company. Their company has chosen to allocate the resources towards maintaining the benefits of the employees. 

The casinos in Ohio weren’t told to shut down for the second time as the casinos in other states, still, they were under curfew as ordered by Governor Mike DeWine in November 2020. The casinos in the state are told to shut down by 10 p.m. ET until at least Jan 2.



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