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Philadelphia Man Kills Brother In Casino




A man from Philadelphia experienced hallucinations after killing his brother in a room of a casino hotel. This was revealed by a mental health expert.
Before being sentenced, the accused John Villsnte said that he didn’t know what conspired on that day. He believed that his brother was not his sibling. Under a plea agreement, the 39-year-old Villante has been sentenced to 9 years in prison. As per this agreement, the term of imprisonment was left on the judge to be decided. The defense was permitted to argue on the degree of the crime. They were asked to argue as to why the 1st-degree crime should be sentenced as a 2nd degree.
Judge Bernard DeLury of the Superior Court permitted the downward departure after calling the incident a tragic fratricide case which was committed by the defendant when he was mentally in a bad state.
When 32-year-old victim Joseph Villante was murdered on May 28, 2019, in the 11th-floor room of Harrah’s Atlantic City, the two brothers were all alone. At first, John Villante informed the police that his brother might have died from falling in the shower. However, the autopsy and blood in the room narrated a different story.
The injuries on the body of the victim showed neck compressions, blunt-force trauma, and superficially visible stab wounds. These wounds seem to be made using a pen. A mental health expert said that Villante committed this crime while believing that he was eliminating a very serious threat to his mother and his life.
Later, Villante admitted that he used opiates at the time of the murder. He said that he has no idea of what happened on that day. If he could, he would have taken it back or fixed the situation.


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