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Revenues Remains Flat In Massachusetts Due To Covid-19 Restrictions




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In September 2020, marking the second month of unlocking after the lockdown imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the revenue generated by the three casinos in Massachusetts, United States, was mostly flat. Even now, the casinos are operating at a restricted capacity in terms of games offered and the number of guests allowed in the gaming area because of the restrictions imposed by the state. This limits the capacity of the casino to generate revenue in the current environment. 

In the last month, Encore Boston Harbor located in Everett generated $43 million worth in revenue with slot machines and table games. This was a modest increase when compared to the numbers in August 2020 wherein the casino had generated $42.4 million in revenue. This information was released by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. 

Just like the situation in every casino in the state, the totals of Encore are down in September 2020 when compared with September 2019. Despite the challenges posed by a pandemic that hasn’t disappeared yet, the company has done comparably well. The revenue generated by the casino in September 2019 was $49 million. 

Since Encore reopened in mid-July 2020, the casino has seen a rise in revenue due to the slot machines on the gaming floors. Most games are restricted as a precautionary measure to combat the spread of the ongoing pandemic. Before the pandemic, Encore’s revenue was contributed to by the table games. 

Earlier in October 2020, the commission permitted the resumption of roulette games in the casinos like Encore and MGM Springfield. However, craps and tournament poker are completely off-limits at this time. 

On the other hand, MGM Springfield generated a revenue of $17.6 million which was less than the numbers generated in August. In September 2020, the company recorded $20.3 million in revenue despite the restrictions on table games. 




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