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Thailand Police Destruct An Illegal Casino




On Saturday, Thailand police said that they destructed an illegal casino Saturday in Pattaya. In this famous beach destination to the southeast of the capital city Bangkok, the police arrested 21 people.
People we detained after raiding an apartment located at Jontien Beach. Allegedly, this venue had been functioning as an illegal den for gambling as reported by the Pattaya Mail which is a local media outlet.
In addition to 16 foreigners, 5 Thai nationals were arrested. Among the 16 foreigners were one Cambodian and Singaporean each, and fourteen Chinese people. The Cambodian national had entered the country illegally while 5 Chinese people from the 14 were staying on expired visas. This information was received by the same report while talking to the police officials.
In the last month in Thailand, the police officials had found out that a gambling den in east Thailand’s Rayong was responsible for the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country. After this, the local police authorities were working around the clock to step up the enforcement actions against the illegal casinos in Thailand. The Pattaya Mail cited this information from the statements made by a Thai police official.
In Thailand, casino gambling is not legal. Traditionally, the people of Thailand are considered to be very important clients for the casinos in the neighboring countries where casinos are legal. One of these Southeast Asian neighboring countries is Cambodia. After the Covid-19 outbreak, the flow of visitors in and out of Thailand has significantly reduced. The main reason for this is the travel restriction imposed by the governments of different countries. The revenue generated by casinos in the countries around Thailand has reduced due to this factor.
As per the estimate done in 2016, if the casinos in Thailand were allowed to be legalized, the country could earn revenues worth US$ 2.8 billion in that year. This number was expected to increase in the following years.



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