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Why do Swedes play at unlicensed casinos?





While casinos that aren’t approved by Spelinspektionen, the Swedish Gambling Authority aren’t illegal, there is a bag full of advantages to playing at them. A lot of people prefer unlicensed Swedish casinos or as they are known as ‘casino utan svensk licens’. There is still a population that prefers regular Swedish licensed casinos in Sweden. It all comes down to how you treat a casino and your expectations. The type of gambling experience you are likely to have is determined by a site’s licence, reputation, game selection, payment methods, customer service, and attitude toward responsible gambling.

What is an unlicensed casino?

An unlicensed casino might sound like a ground for illegal gambling and illicit activities but is nothing of the sort. Casinos without a license just mean that there is no Swedish license to that casino. Such casinos have a license from elsewhere like Malta Gaming Authority or Curacao.

The difference between Swedish and unlicensed casinos

There are not a lot of differences but some major ones that the population is divided in terms of choosing a casino to play at. Unlicensed casinos in Sweden offer the following services that licensed casinos of Sweden that do not:

  • There is no 3-second law for castles, and income is tax-free.
  • There is no need for a BankID so you don’t have to follow a million rules.
  • Deposits made for credit cards and transactions are as simple as it is.
  • There will be no break in the game.
  • Additional Benefits like bonuses and other exemplary offers.
  • Everything is swift and you get to enjoy a first-class gambling experience.

Though there are a few facilities offered by licensed casinos in Sweden that unlicensed casinos do not. Such facilities are the following:

  • These casinos offer protection for players.
  • There will be no break in the game.
  • Sweden benefits from the profit of such casinos and thus they are friendly to patriotism.

The pros with unlicensed casinos

With the rise of unlicensed casinos in Sweden people have been playing at these casinos more and more every day. The reason is the island of advantages casinos without license offer. Read further about the advantages below:

  • Registration process
  • Bonus offers
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Wide variety of games

Registration process

The registration process of unlicensed casinos in Sweden is very simple and fast. You don’t have to go through a herculean drill to start playing at such casinos, unlike the casinos with Swedish license.

Bonus offers

Unlicensed casinos of Sweden offer heavy offers and jackpot offers for people choosing to play at these casinos. Some casinos even offer double profit on the win and it is a big advantage for newbies in the casino scene. Such unlicensed casinos offer different types of bonuses like loyalty bonuses, bonuses on welcome, free spin etc.

Mobile Compatibility

Unlicensed casinos have great websites for users accessing casinos through mobile phone. It makes sure players from all parts without any class restriction can play and enjoy.

Wide variety of games

Casinos without a license in Sweden offer a huge platter of different games one can play. It is much more interesting than a regular licensed casino as there are rules and restrictions.


If you have reached here then I am sure you are in favour of trying casinos without a license from Spelinspektionen. You don’t have to worry about anything other than collecting your funds and finding a casino that serves your best interest. Everything after that will be a smooth ride. As you have read there are way more pros than cons of playing at unlicensed casinos in Sweden. While you are there, take a few spins for us too!

Share your experience and comment on anything we might have missed.


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